BASTA (Boost Applied munition detection through Smart data inTe­gration and AI workflows) aims at advancing the approach for munition detection both on local and a larger scale. The project seeks to advance data acqui­sition through ultra-high-resolution 3D sub-bottom profiling (SBP) and intelligent autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) based magnetic mapping as part of an adaptive and iterative survey approach. In addition, it will foster sustainable use of survey and historical data within a multi-sensor database. Conducting data analysis of big data by means of artificial intelligence will lead to new approaches in detection and identification of munition. New tools, methods and workflows will be discussed with stakeholders, with the aim of formalizing recom­mendations for munitions detection for industry and government players.

This section provides all relevant information on the BASTA project:

Project Background


Work Packages

Project Management Board

For even more information about BASTA, you can download the final version of the BASTA project proposal.