EGEOS is a software development company dealing with high-performance and complex individualized applications, tailored to specific user needs and operational procedures. For development of data intensive IT projects, most up to date OpenSource software and technologies are used. EGEOS has extensive experience in development and management of large database structures incorporating heterogeneous datasets. Projects carried out involve complex spatial and temporal datasets, resulting in deep knowledge about management of geographical data in databases. Besides developing customer specific solutions, EGEOS participates in several national and international research projects focusing on submerged munitions. The results of these projects will be included in the "Ammunition Cadastre Sea" (AMUCAD) developed by EGEOS.

Role in BASTA

EGEOS plays a key role in management and interpretation of different kind of datasets (WP3) as well as developing and applying artificial intelligence for data analysis. To combine information with standard data sets (multibeam, side scan and optical information) EGEOS actively deals with the establishment of a multi-sensor database which is based on the already existing "Ammunition Cadastre Sea" AMUCAD run by us ( We aim at complementing AMUCAD with an architecture that not only allows to ingest large data sets of 'unprocessed' data but also to use artificial intelligence methods (AI) for a continuously-learning interpretation of data in an objective way where uncertainties can be quantified. In addition, we deal with the development and implementation of quality metrics together with our partners from GEOMAR.


North Sea Wrecks (2019 - 2023) Risk assessment of wrecks in the North Sea

ERPAD (2018 - 2021) Intelligent handling of historical documents and written sources of information

DAIMON (2016 - 2019) and DAIMON2 (2019 - 2021) Decision making support for treatment of munitions