Over the course of BASTA, numerous events will be organized, with the aim of informing on the project development and outcomes as well as to facilitate a continuous and engaging stakeholder dialogue. On this site we provide information on the past events. If you would like to keep informed about future events, please subscribe to our newsletter, by sending an email to BASTA(at)

Over the course of BASTA the following events have taken place:

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BASTA Project Kick-Off (14.02.2020)

The BASTA project kick-off took place on January 14, 2020 at the Berlin Office of the Helmholtz Asso­ci­ation in Berlin. The event featured presentations on the project approach that were given by the project part­ners and presentations on project expectations that were given by associated partners. The project kick-off was directed at interested experts on offshore unexploded ordnance (UXO) surveys from the industry, authorities and the scientific community. For the agenda of the event, please click here.


During the event, numerous presentations were held by the project partners and the associated partners. You can download these presentations below. A video recording of the event is available here.



Title of presentation

Jens Greinert


BASTA and ExPloTect Kick-off – Two new EU funded projects for  advancing UXO detection methodologies

Jens Greinert


Introduction to BASTA – Applying AI along the UXO survey work­flow

Tine Missiaen


New Tools for Multisensor UXO Detection

Jann Wendt


A Multisensor Database with new Quality Metrics

Aline Renson


Current Challenges during Offshore UXO Surveys

Aaron Beck


Ex-situ, near-real-time exPlosive compound deTection in seawater

Claus Böttcher


Needs and expectations on BASTA

Dorthe Reng Erbs-Hansen

Anja Drews



BASTA kick-off


Peter Frost


Project Support: BASTA

Andrea Stolte


The Ghost Net project of the WWF






Event Report

For the full report on the event, please click here.

List of participants

For the list of participants, please click here.


Figure: Impressions from the BASTA project kick-off (Ⓒ GEOMAR).