Over the course of BASTA, numerous events will be organized, with the aim of informing on the project development and outcomes as well as to facilitate a continuous and engaging stakeholder dialogue. On this site we provide information on the past events. If you would like to keep informed about future events, please subscribe to our newsletter, by sending an email to BASTA(at)

Over the course of BASTA the following events have taken place:

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BASTA Workshops - Data Quality Factors (16.-25.03.2021)

In March 2021, a total of four workshops on data quality factors took place over the course of two weeks. The aim was to jointly define quality factors and thresholds for marine munitions surveys.

Preliminary Results:

  • The introductory presentation to the workshop can be downloaded here.
  • The quality factors for all sensors under discussion (multibeam echsounder, side scan sonar, subbottom profiler, magnetics) are available here.
  • Based on the workflow that is described in the Quality Guideline for Offshore Explosive Ordnance Disposal we developed a preliminary flowchart that supports the definition of the quality factors for munitions surveys. It is available here.
  • We also collected some remarks on the polls that took place during the workshops and on our subsequent evaluation. It is available here.


Figure: Impressions from the BASTA workshop on quality factors for hydroacoustic sensors. Due to the CoVid-19 pandemic all workshops were organized as video calls  (Ⓒ GEOMAR).