G-tec is a contractor specialized in worldwide geophysical, geotechnical and environmental investigations. Dedicated equipment and an international team of highly skilled geologists, engineers, biologists and technicians made G-tec a reference for high-quality and safe geo-engineering services in the onshore, intertidal and shallow offshore environment. Founded in 1993 on an academic background, G-tec maintains its scientific rigor and assists clients with feasible and sustainable projects.

As each project is unique, G-tec’s strength is to consider every project as normative: in-house knowledge and expertise is combined with project-specific needs, in order to perform a thorough investigation. Thanks to its experience in geophysical, geotechnical and environmental aspects, G-tec is able to provide its customers with an integrated study that leads to a better understanding of the site conditions and their impact on each project.

Role in BASTA

As a contractor, that is specialized in offshore surveys, G-tec brings its experience in munitions detection and clearance campaigns into BASTA. G-tec is active in munitions detection since 1996 and in munitions clearance since 2016. Since then, G-tec has continuously improved the acquisition and processing tools, that are used for munitions detection. Specifically, G-tec supports the different cruises in BASTA with acquisition of gradiometry and side scan sonar data, as well as processing of the data. G-tec also contributes its knowledge on the industry and the numerous munitions detection and clearance projects the company was involved in.


MERCW (2005 - 2008) Monitoring of chemical munition dumpsites in the Baltic Sea

Numerous commercial projects for UXO detection and clearance. The most recent ones before the initiation of BASTA were:

  • Modernization of Swinoujscie – Szczecin Channel (Poland) – Munitions detection (2018 - 2019)
  • Seastar and Mermaid Offshore Wind Farms – Seabed objects detection, identification and clearance (2018 - 2019)