Objective 1: Advancing Data Acquisition


AUV technology will become an essential tool for many marine applications. Accordingly, they will be integrated into a multi-sensor approach for data acquisition.


  • Apply ultra-high-resolution 3D acoustic sub-bottom imaging to determine depth and shape of munition buried below the seabed
  • Develop intelligent AUV-based magnetic mapping based on self-learning AUVs
  • Complement this with multibeam, sonar camera and optical surveys
  • Test the technologies and approach in numerous known munition dump sites and unknown munition suspected sites


The target is to provide an adaptive and iterative survey approach, combining ship-based and AUV-based data acquisition in the most efficient way. Over the course of the project both larger unknown areas as well as local sites of single or clusters of suspicious objects to verify in detail the occurrence and type of suspicious objects will be tackled.

Image: Multibeam backscatter data from known German dumpsite Kolberger Heide (Ⓒ GEOMAR)